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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Dutch - here's the link for San Francisco. I posted it on Sweet Juniper as well. There are several in the city - large and small. I don't consider controversial. They're hated because they're successful and grass roots. I don't always agree with them but I do usually and they've never twisted my arm to do anything.

L. I'm going to check your blog right now. I'll get back one way or another. My cold has turned into flu I think. Colds don't come with fever and chills. Two girls are at after school church program, Elcie isn't feeling too great and Rebecca has the drizzles but went anyhow. Won't she love to see that spread across the net if she ever reads this?

I should be ashamed about that comment about my grandson but it's true. Good news is I think he's turned a corner. He's working a full time job and seems to be happy and settled. Another joy - one day at a time.


Gawdessness said...

If praying helps than I will pray.
So grateful and I wrote to tell him so that our prime minister kept us out of that.
Also need to write him a thank you letter about the gay marriage thing.

Mom2EnK said...

Thanks for posting this information.

FYI: The url is so long it is hard to read. Try going to to get a shorter URL you can use to post.

Angel said...

Sorry about the flu :( :::sending chicken soup::::

Insomniac Diary said...

Thanks for the info. Blogger friends are such a help, in more ways than one.

Insomniac Diary said...

Clicked on to the address in this blog. Thought Wild Child might like to attend and take me, but the ones scheduled in Big H were over by the time I got online. I'm the night owl, remember? EM said we could keep watch per that address and maybe make another one. I agreed on condition that she not get vociferous and not shout, "DOWN WITH THE WAR!! BRING OUR BOYS HOME!! NO MORE KIAs OR POWs!!" and not bring her humongous POW flag. I don't think these are that type of vigils. She said she'd behave. I think she'd like to make a one-woman march on Washington but she'd probably get tossed in the clink.