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Monday, October 10, 2005

More on writing things down

After I read this morning what I had written late last night, I was surprised at how well I could remember something I had stashed pretty far back in my mind. I've never kept a journal or done this kind of writing before. I can put together a pretty decent business letter in the esoteric and archaic language of my last profession (ocean marine insurance) thanks to E. B. White and "Elements of Style" as well as a thorough grounding in grammar and spelling way back when but I was never the diary type, or so I thought.

Part of it is my handwriting. I'm a southpaw switched to right handed because that's what they did back then. I think left handed, sweep a floor and bat a ball left handed, and don't write worth a darn with either one. Cursive is a painful exercise for me; I have to almost draw my letters and if I go too fast, I either skip letters, or even I can't read the finished product. My printing's fine but slow. I handwrote nothing that I didn't absolutely have to. I typed everything.

When Carol started school, I sent a note (printed, not cursive), which said "Carol is left handed; I want her to stay that way". The teacher told me quickly that nobody did that anymore. Right, but I just wanted to make sure. Elcie's a leftie too which made writing a little more difficult for her. She has some fine motor control problems which aren't obvious at first glance but show up with things like controlling a pencil. She had a lot of therapy when she was younger to overcome most of it and the school district bought her a laptop that will stay with her all the way through high school. I don't see any sense in forcing her to write long stories or essays when she can type them. Finally the school agreed with some prodding from her "special needs" advocate and me. We're discussing putting a typing tutor on her school computer and copying the same program for this one. If she could build up her typing skills (zero as of now), it could make a difference in her future. I tried showing her the way I learned but she gets frustrated. The computer tutor would be better.

Today is going through my cd's day. I still haven't figured out the space problem but if I sort them into classical and all other it won't matter if they're not all on the same shelf. I don't know if I'm efficient, anal, or lazy - sometimes they're the same thing. I hate having to hunt for things. This applies only to my own stuff and the kitchen. If the girls want to spend an hour looking for the watercolors, they should have put them back where they came from in the first place. They come to ask me about a missing shoe - I push the play button on "gee , the last time I wore it I put it right back where I found it". It helps to have preprogammed responses to some things.

I'll talk to my friend about moving that box on the right hand side. She stays very busy so we may see it there for a while.

Back to the beginning - journals. I'm beginning to see the value of putting things down on paper (figuratively). I think it does help although the last thing I want is to turn this into a self-indulgent, whiny, narrative. Enjoy your day everyone.


Insomniac Diary said...

Journals are good, helps keep track of doings, especially in later years to ascertain you do not dis-remember something.I have a few brief journals but the best are letters I wrote, saved by my mother, about all my doings in various parts of the world, things the kids did and said, etc. Fun to reread them, even the bad happenings. Let's me see that "this, too, shall pass" and it did.
A little whining now and then is not bad. It is actually healthy to vent, blow off steam, raise some heck about being shat upon. NOT good to keep those negative feelings bottled up. Whining becomes a negative behavior only when we make a habit of it, which I don't think you would ever do. So go ahead, whine if you need to. I won't mind and I'm sure your other regular readers won't either.

l. said...

Yeah, whine away. Once reason I`m afraid of dabbling in my own blog is that I fear it would be one big whine fest -- but other people`s whinng is so much more elegant and artculate than my own, and a pleasure to read. So go for it!

Gawdessness said...

My mom remember the right left thing happening to her. So wrong to mess with what is the way it is.
Now I think that maybe part of the problem is that she was/is dyslexic because all three of her kids certainly are from moderate to severe.
Not finding my own stuff can drive me right around the bend but it is best if it was me who misplaced it. Then I am only annoyed at myself.
I struggle with avoiding the self-indulgent, whiny, narrative with my own blog. Unfortunately sometimes it is just so easy and feels so good.
I don't get the feeling here that is what you are doing though!

Anonymous said...

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