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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The stuff I find when going through filing.

Roger, you're right - I should go. Maybe Ray and I can get there without kids. We never had a honeymoon - it's a running joke between us. Some time, I'll tell our wedding story. If you ever decide to return and take the Merced route in, let me know. Maybe we could meet for coffee or something. Part of my reluctance has to do with the mountain driving but there are bus tours that leave from Amtrak four blocks from my house. I might actually get to look out a window instead of the white line down the highway.

I found this masterpiece in the paperwork I had just begun sorting. Rebecca for President.



Dear students,

If you elect me as class president, I will try to work hard and try to make the school a better place.

I would let the whole class have a party every year. I will let all of us have any kind of drinks.

I will let us have any kind of food that we want or let them bring any kind of toy that they want.

I would let them play on any playground. Like the kindergarten playground.



Now there's a kid with her priorities in order. She gets my vote. I'm always up for a party. She's never gotten over losing the kindergarten playground. It has everything and it's a very safe place. Back to sorting paper but I didn't want to forget this. Now it's here for posterity and to embarass Rebecca in later years. "Did I really say that?"


L. said...

I love those embarrassing childhood letters! I remember coming across one of my second grade class assignments, which was to write a letter to then U.S. President Nixon, urging him to protect the environmnent (the letters were never mailed -- they were turned in to our parents on parents` night by our teacher, a sneaky bitch). At the time, I wanted a pet very badly -- I stressed that he should make a law to protect wild animals, in case any kid wanted "a wild pet." A wild pet was not high on my mother`s priority list, alas... and making laws to protect animals was probably not on Nixon`s priority list at all, in the spring of 1973. The embarrassing part: I signed my letter, "Love, Lisa."

Gawdessness said...

She has definitely got my vote!
I now have a nice little daydream to go to - something involving the kindergarten playground and good munchies and drink.

L. said...

I gotta share this -- just got the best verification code word ever: "orgosm." Sooooooo close!

L. said...

Oh, and guess what -- I decided to give it a try --- you`ve inspired me: