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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Blog cleaning day

The girls' photos are updated and the color change complete (thanks Jen - no longer anonymous friend). The blog roll is up to date (thanks Andrea). The glitch on word verification was solved (thanks VCM for the work) although it turned out to be a blogger problem, not anything I did or may have been done to me.

I got brave and deleted the posts which were strictly back and forth on the technical issues and I'll go back and get rid of the "test" comments. I moved the comments on the posts I deleted to another posts. I may go back and read them the next time I'm desperate for moral support.

More later but meantime here is the hiccup (hiccough?) cure. Catsup - ketchup? Maybe we can play a word game sometime with spelling.

Courtesy of VCM
HA! Here's how you cure hiccups:Remember the old cure where they had you hold your breath? That never worked because you couldn't hold it long enough? There's a way to get around it. What you do is take a very deep breath, stretching the diaphragm as tightly as you can, then you breath. But all you do is let a very little bit out - keep your lungs as full of air as you can, letting just a little out, then sucking back some more air, as much as you can. What this does is maintain pressure on the diapragm while allowing you to still breath. If you feel a hiccup coming on, suck in more air and hold it briefly, then just a little out, then a lot in!Breathing like this, with you chest cavity mostly full of air, and then agressively taking in gulps of air and letting the only the smallest amount possible out, will nail the hiccups.Remember, lungs full and tight then only a little bit out, then a ton more in, and a little bit out.


It's very close to what we do except I overlooked the letting air out so naturally we were all turning blue. I also used the old "drinking out of the wrong side of the glass" with the girls. One problem - they get the giggles which causes more hiccups which causes more water drinking, etc.


ipodmomma said...

Peter had troubles that night too...

J gets the hiccups all the time...

hope you all had a really great meal! how are you feeling?

I spell it ketchup, the way I pronounce it. here they call it tomato sauce or tomato ketchup.

yeah, those glory days for SF are a memory... maybe one day again... I'll watch until someone drags me away...

or until I fall asleep... :)))

madcapmum said...

My Poppy had hiccups almost incessantly from about 5 months gestation on, and she still gets them all the time! Yup, the breath-holding does the trick - if she can stop talking long enough.

Andrea said...

I had the wosrt hiccups when I was pregant, drove me batty.
I just ate something and it seemed to help me.