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Saturday, December 03, 2005

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

Most of the odd looking comments from granny were my friend VCM trying to check out some things long distance. Word verification is once again working. It seemed to be a system wide hiccup. And speaking of hiccups, I'm trying to convince a friend to divulge his secret cure. I'll keep you posted.

The galloping crud is back complete with chills and coughing spells. I nervously allowed the two little girls to go to the Santa parade with a group and without me. (First time) They were fine. Then they all trucked off to the town square for the tree lighting ceremony They had a cell phone with them and it's only about 4 blocks from here with no traffic (streets blocked).

When I was 10 or 11, I ran all over the place in my small town but these are different times or maybe I'm more protective because I'm older and more fearful for them. They have a little more freedom each year but I'm always relieved to see them walk in.

Elcie could have gone but she's just at that age to leave childish things behind. It certainly made it easier for her sisters but I hope she doesn't regret it. She's growing up so fast.

I missed the concert in Modesto (San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus) I've been waiting a month to see. Just wasn't up to the drive, Tim had to work, and I tried all day to reach Jim. I gave our tickets to the girls' mom and her boyfriend along with the van and they went instead. It's only about 40 miles but the way I felt, 4 miles would have been too much.

I just told Andrea I need an extra blog to hold all the poor me's. Okay, enough already.

Thank you all for the support. Too many to list - most of you are there in the comments and almost everyone I know emailed. It helped writing about it whether or not it was the "right" thing to do. I had to take back the power somehow. If it happens again, I'll just consider the source and ignore it.

Girls are on their way to bed - their weekend campout in the living room. Elcie's already down and I'm sure asleep.

I was useless today. Fixed a brunch and a decent dinner, did a little laundry and then felt sorry for myself. Tomorrow will be better. It almost always is.

My title talked about "the kindness of strangers". That isn't quite accurate. By now, none of you are strangers.

Goodnight from Blanche Dubois


VMC said...


Here's how you cure hiccups:

Remember the old cure where they had you hold your breath? That never worked because you couldn't hold it long enough? There's a way to get around it.

What you do is take a very deep breath, stretching the diaphragm as tightly as you can, then you breath. But all you do is let a very little bit out - keep your lungs as full of air as you can, letting just a little out, then sucking back some more air, as much as you can. What this does is maintain pressure on the diapragm while allowing you to still breath. If you feel a hiccup coming on, suck in more air and hold it briefly, then just a little out, then a lot in!

Breathing like this, with you chest cavity mostly full of air, and then agressively taking in gulps of air and letting the only the smallest amount possible out, will nail the hiccups.

Remember, lungs full and tight then only a little bit out, then a ton more in, and a little bit out.

ipodmomma said...

test test...

hope all is sorted... and that you are heading to bed and getting some good rest for that cold!!!

prayers are with you...

Granny said...

I'm deleting a few posts which were just dealing with technical problems but here are the comments:

Wow, that was fast. You're a genius. Can you add Vicki and Granny P. to blogroll while you're there or is that too much?

10:34 AM

Granny said...
text beautiful shade of green here.

10:35 AM

Anonymous said...
ooh... i like the green... it looks really good with the purple background too!

1:42 PM

Anonymous said...
racist cunt

5:19 PM

L. said...
Whoa -- Gran, look! You`ve been flamed, I think.

I`m impressed. Flies like that commenter are only attracted to the sweetest sugar and the smelliest shit, and you are definitely the former, not the latter!

6:04 PM

Mother Damnable said...
"Wee slicket cowering timerous beastie!"

Robbie Burns

Anonymouse PAH!

1:13 AM

Mother Damnable said...
Actually thinking about it I think Mr Mouse just got his terms confused possibly what he really meant was Colour Queen!

I love the green Granny :>)

2:16 AM