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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Birthday photo two days late

We just finished our shopping spree. She's been wanting a new pair of inline skates. I was waiting for spring because of her growing spurt but these are adjustable so she has two sizes to go before they're too small.

We had a great time. We picked out a red and pink stuffy caterpillar for Elcie - almost as tall as she is and very soft. She had asked for something to cuddle with. You can just barely see it beside Rochelle.

Rebecca was hankering for a jewelry box and we found one quite different from the run of the mill. She's thrilled. Then we found some earrings, household supplies, and called it an afternoon.

While we were at it, I showed her all the personal supplies and let her help decide what would work best. She and Elcie could share but for now I wanted her to share in the decision making. She feels quite grown up.

The stuffy and jewel box are un-birthday presents. It's Rochelle's day and we select hers first and then look for something small for each of her sisters.

We went over to Barnes & Noble for a treat and ran into my whole family (almost). Tim and Melissa were both still at work and Jim was there with two of his kids and one of Melissa's waiting for Melissa. We each had a cold something with caramel - frappacino? and then headed for home.

Doesn't take much to make Rochelle happy. Posted by Picasa


Anvilcloud said...

You seem to be very good to those kids. If they don't already, they will appreciate it some day.

Turtle Guy said...

Hmm... there's a thread here... Barnes and Noble... did you read Elliot's post? Someone broke into his van and took some home-burnt cds, leaving a $30 gift card for B&N on the seat!

Good to hear you had wonderful b-day fun!

Thanks to Mollie, I learned some HTML code today! woo hoo! Check out my blogs - I have new side bar content!

Speaking of which, I have yet to put your blog on my list... it'll be there in a jiffy, I promise!

Be well,

Andrea said...

Seems like you were happy too.

Mother Damnable said...

Lovely days like this are so precious, thanks for sharing Granny.

Love to Rochelle!

Gary said...

You know how to make people happy Granny - admit it! And we need more of you in the world.

Gawdessness said...

Sounds like a good trip out all around!
Glad to hear it and see the beautiful birthday girl.

Andie D. said...

What a wonderful day for all! These are the kind of days that we want to remember. Thanks for sharing Granny!