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Monday, January 02, 2006

Closet insanity

This is the closet at its best. I still have three pair of jeans to hang and a couple of shirts and sweaters today. I don't think so. I'll wait until they're dressed in the morning.

The only thing that saves me is the vertical hangars which weren't intended to be vertical at all. I see some empty spaces so maybe I can combine a couple and save a little space.

I'm glad they're all girls.

At least it's organized - pants on one side, sweaters and shirts on the other and sets at the end. Sets are a joke - they always take them apart and combine them with other things.

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1 comment:

Gawdessness said...


I will no post pictures of my children's closets. They are devoid of clothes on hangers. There are no hangers. Everything gets shoved in a drawer on on the floor.

So, take heart, your closet is so much better than the ones that I know.

BTW I would be happy to put you on the kitchen meme thing.

Could you collage a picture of your fridge and stuff and post it and then I can link to it?

- sojgbtjz