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Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Resolutions (hah)

Not me, I'm strictly one day at a time and sometimes minute to minute. I might think about achievable goals but making resolutions would be setting myself up for failure. No thanks.

I'm about to begin suffering from SAD. We have had steady rain for days. Not in any danger of serious flooding and it's supposed to clear but my front yard resembles a wading pool and I have to leap across a foot and a half of water to get to the driver side of the car. (Or climb over the seat, heaven forbid.) Someone would be there with a camera ready to pounce.

Girls were bathed, shampooed, sleepered, and down by 8:30. Tomorrow back to school. Cheers. It was much too long a time for the weather.

All I accomplished today was getting their clothes back in order for school and the laundry caught up. Almost, I have to hit "pause" here and go switch loads.

I think I'm going to post a photo of the girls' closet (which is actually in my room). My clothes are in Elcie's room. I wanted their things (except for dresses) where I could get to them easily and their sleeping room is on the back of the house and shared with my daughter. When I have all their clothes clean at once, it's ridiculous. I need to have them go through and tell me which jeans they wear the most and stash the others somewhere (like Goodwill maybe?). Some of their shirts are in drawers and still I'm almost out of space. My fault - I simply can't resist seeing cute things at the thrift store and dragging them home. Elcie and Rochelle are now the same size and most of their things are new this year but I saved the outgrown things for Rebecca. Too much.

Tomorrow, I'll do the bill paying work (most online and easy) and maybe take the tree down for another year. I have a PFLAG steering committee meeting tomorrow night and Carol has a doctor's appointment at 10 in the morning. I talked her into resuming the chemo, I think. There's just so much arm twisting one can do with an adult. She's gotten thin again; for a while she was looking good.

My camera has decided to non-function so I don't know about the photo. It has new batteries so I don't know what's happening. Strange.

Ray is watching (and recording) "Alexander". I'm trying my best to tune it out. Not my thing at all but definitely his.

Just went into the kitchen. Big mistake. Rochelle had made her grandpa a glass of raspberry herbal tea. She's usually good about cleanup but something must have distracted her. She just came out, gave me a hug, and went back in. I think the wind woke her up.

We've been having blogger problems today so don't know what will happen with this. I'd better close it out though. It's almost ten and I'm just not feeling inspired. Tomorrow will be better. It was an ordinary day and they don't make for good story telling.

Oh, the one strange thing was waking up with a headache on Sunday morning. From one glass of Martinelli's sparkling cider? How unfair. I'm trying to do a meme of weird things about me.

Number 1

I get a hangover from sparkling cider.

Number 2

I write posts about closets.

Number 3

I hate makeup and long hair and dresses.

Could that be 3, 4, & 5?

Number 4 (I share this with a lot of people - maybe it's not weird)

I want my food separated on my plate and I can't stand eggs and pancakes on the same plate. The yolk gets mixed with the syrup. No way.

Number 5

I can't climb higher than the second or third rung on a stepladder. If one foot can't touch the ground, I'm uncomfortable.

That's five. One meme down, three to go. One's very long and I may be far into 2007 before it's finished. I never did get through the 7's. Too busy reading everyone else's.

Good night.

Good night.


Uncle Roger said...

I don't get hangovers from (non-alcoholic) cider, but I am allergic to alcohol.

I don't have a closet. (The one in our bedroom is Rachel's.)

I, too, hate makeup. I simply won't wear it, and won't get too near anyone else who does. I don't mind long hair, but I do think short hair is hotter. On me, I enjoy long hair, but it's too much trouble, so I usually keep it mostly short. I don't recall ever wearing a dress, so I can't comment on that, except that on women, they can be pretty hot.

Please, keep the sweet stuff away from the salty! Duh! Hash browns go with the eggs; pancakes (or waffles or french toast) belong on their own.

You and I differ greatly on #5. I really dig being up high. I used to climb a lot, and spent a goodly portion of my youth on the roof.

Angel said...

OH oh oh! I don't like my food to touch either ;) YAY us! :)

Angela said...

Pancakes and eggs do not belong together... pancakes go with sausage and eggs go with bacon/ham... syrupy eggs are gross

Marigoldie said...

Granny, I love reading about your daily (nightly) doings. You paint a good picture. I LIKE posts about closets.

(I'm commenting on the New Year's Resolutions post.)