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Monday, January 02, 2006

Weird things

I feel better already. Uncle Roger doesn't wear makeup and dresses either.

Two more people who don't want their food all running together. Hi, Angel. Funny though, I don't mind syrup touching bacon or sausage even though it's sweet and salty together. They make maple flavors of both. I would mind if it were fruit syrup though.

When I make stew, I leave the veggies in large chunks so I can see to eat them separately. I'm worse than the kids.

Ray makes goulash out of everything on his plate. I can't stand to look.

I used to date a guy (guard on Alcatraz which shows you how long ago that was) who couldn't stand rare beef. He'd take me to dinner and, since he was polite, would put the menu between us so he didn't have to watch. And mine was just pink, not raw.

I'd almost forgotten my boat trips over to the prison. They had family housing and several of us used to gather and play cards on "The Rock". Early 60's. It was an odd place. The electricity was DC, not AC, so everyone had to have special equipment to run anything with a thermostat. Their water came in on a barge and their garbage left the same way. Shopping was a challenge because the only way there was the dinky little passenger vessel. I'm sure people who live on islands elsewhere can identify.

Ray just brought me a huge slice of banana cream pie that the kids' mom picked up today. I think I can manage the banana, whipped cream, and crust together without dismantling the entire thing.

Good night again.


katt said...

No so bad being picky about your food I also do not like my food touching, and a salad does not belong on the dinner plate it belongs in a side bowl.
Yum Yum on the banana cream pie I have not had one of those in about 10 years. But does sound gooooood !!
All the best in the New Year

ipodmomma said...

Ray really is a champ!

yeah, your comment came through. but a post that Peter put on his blog still hasn't shown up. no time this AM to try an post... will try when we get back...

L. said...

You played cards on Alcatraz? Um... wow.

Mary P. said...

I love the flavour of sausage and syrup together. I'll dredge each bit of sausage through the stuff deliberately. Yum.

When I was a kid, I used to play a game whereby each forkful had to have a bit of each item on my plate. I was seeing which item would last the longest. Like I couldn't tell that by looking!

madcapmum said...

Any pork goes well with sweet in my books. Pork roast with apple-sauce! Sausage with maple syrup! Ham with Jam!