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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Food comments

Katt doesn't want her salad on her plate. Neither do I. The dressing gets mixed in with the other stuff.

Mary P., Madcap Mum, and I like pork products with sweet stuff. They mentioned applesauce with pork, or course, and ham with jam. I hadn't thought of that one but I do make a glaze out of the leftover bits of jelly in the fridge.

Mary P. and I both use sausage to mop up syrup. I thought I was the only one who did that.

The girls are off to school and I just finished a long rant on the other blog. It's time for something lighter. I thought their vacation would never end. Vacation for them but not for me. I did get a couple of weeks without the alarm clock though.

I woke up around 4 this morning (???) to find Rebecca in the bed. I got up for a few minutes and, by the time I returned, she had taken over my entire side, pillow and all. Much pushing and shoving ensued. She never woke up. They don't do that often but once in a while they may have a bad dream and sneak in.

It has stopped raining but it's still clammy and dank (redundant?). I don't like this weather at all but the sun is supposed to peek through the clouds at some point.

This is what our winter is usually like. Snow would be surprising but it stays either wet or foggy and occasionally drops below freezing.

Elcie started out her day by singing "School Days" or maybe it was her Grandpa Ray singing it to her. Someone was singing from her room in any event. I heard her say, "I hate that silly song". Grouch. She was unhappy because I hadn't hung her matching sweater and jeans together. At this point, I couldn't remember which jeans went with that sweater (see photo below). Now I know and next time they'll be together if she'll promise to leave them that way.

R & R were eager to get back. Probably because they had new clothes. They have a streak of vanity that I totally lack.

Madcap Mum has successfully made cottage cheese and she says it's simple. Her instructions are on her blog (see blog roll). It does look simple and I might get brave. Curds and whey? One of her commenters warned against spiders.

Enough for now, I'm just rattling on as usual.


Gawdessness said...

I like maple syrup on my bacon and maple cured pork and we had honey mustard glaze on our xmas ham.

Last night we didn't have a daughter in the bed. That surprized me but I enjoyed the space that I had none the less.

After two very dark days, both emotionally and weather wise the sun has bloomed in our sky.

Thank goodness.

Hoping that it will shine there too.

mreddie said...

A few food quirks are at resident in my brain as well but I have a friend that only eats dessert if he has meat to eat with it. That sounds similar to that of which you spoke.

We have a local granddaughter - as opposed the long-distant one - and when she spends the night, I have to sleep alone - Granna has to sleep with her. I understand that she is a bit of a cover hog. :) ec

Mother Damnable said...

Hi Granny,

We had honey roast ham it was lovely!

I finally managed to figure out my blog links and I linked to you, is that OK?

Granny said...

Of course. You've been on my blog roll for a while now if that's what we're talking about. You may link anything to anything anytime.

I used your google twice today.

Andie D. said...

One of my best friends also hates different foods touching each other. We brought a separated plate and had the server bring out her wedding dinner on that plate. Those of us who knew her well were cracking up!

It's about 70 F here in Phoenix, and partly cloudy. Damn near cold for us. Hope your weather gets better soon!

Andrea said...

I dont mind food touching but not mushing together. But salad MUST have its own plate or bowl.

I admit that I would not mind too much going back to work right now. With the hub and hius new LONG working hours there is never a break from the baby and I am tired. I am actually less tired at work.
Love the baby but some relax time would be nice.

grannyfiddler said...

i love salad dressing mixed in with my other things. meat, veggies, potatoes... yum!

i miss waking up to kids in my bed. even when they were teens, my youngest boys would appear in the middle of the night when something was on their minds, with "mum, you awake?" well,of course i wasn't and we both knew it, but we both also knew it was code for "can we talk?" so the answer was always a sleepy, "hm?... uh... oh!" and i'd roll over and pull back the covers for them, and they'd tell me what was on their minds. usually ended up with rapier-sharp knees in my back, if my snoring didn't drive them back to their own beds.

but, isn't that a good sign that you're still communicating? that they still feel you're accessible?

now it's my granddaughter's knees i get in my back, on the very rare occasions that she comes from the city to stay a few days. she, like mreddie's granddaughter, has to sleep with grandma. do they make any kids without pointy knees?

Angel said...

Yes, but your rattling on your blog is very soothing ;)

I like to dip my breakfast sausage in syrup too :)

Turtle Guy said...

Interesting post on food! One of the oddities in our family was that we really didn't care if our salad was served on a plate that had previously had our main course. That, and my Mom used to count out the tomatoes... we'd each get 4 pieces - so as not to lose ALL the tomatoes to the first or second to be served!

Anvilcloud said...

I'm a food-touching, mix-it-all-up kind of guy, but even I don't prefer salad dressng running into other food.

beckster said...

It has to be grade B Vermont maple syrup and it has to be in a seperate tiny bowl on the side of the plate for dipping.
It cannot make the pancake/french toast/waffle soggy or touch my eggs in any way. If there is no tiny bowl, powdered sugar and jam please.