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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Quick Note About a Friend

My friend, Worried American, and I share a political blog called "isamericaburning". It's over there on the sidebar.

She and I met here on granny when I first began the blog. She's another great-granny who's concerned about the world we're leaving to the generations coming up. We do what we can to help, each in our own way, and we make a pretty good team. I've grown very fond of her.

Her 96 year old mother has been failing for some time now. Worried emailed me earlier this evening to tell me she expected to hear any time that her mother had died. I won't go into all the details; she left a post over on isamericaburning telling our visitors about it. I know how she feels somewhat. My adoptive mom is 93 and in reasonably good health but 93 is not young by any means.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She's a wonderful person and losing a loved one is never easy; even when it's expected.

If you have a chance, I'm sure she'll appreciate a personal comment; either here or over at "the other blog".



Janice said...

Hi Ann,

So sad to hear about your friend's mother. I lost my dad in 1982, and it was hard! I felt him die, and a piece of my heart tore out and went to heaven with him.


Alice said...

I'm sending your friend hugs. I don't what else I can do that would be useful and not corny.

Can you send them on for me so they reach her??


PS: I think I'll try the chocolate bread pudding. You know what I'm like: anything with chocolate...

Lindsay Lobe said...

Worried American will have many memories and emotions at this difficult time and please pass on to her my best wishes.

I think she has a love for her country and a deep worry as evidenced in her interest in the blog, so honestly named.
A climate of fear and irrationality in curtailment of civil liberties, of an ill conceived war, finds expression in her concern as a worried citizen , one we support. Her honesty and integrity is apparant. Please pass these thoughts on to her, and add that I think her Mother has reason to be proud of her daughter.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Green said...

Granny, please let Worried know that she will be in my thoughts and that I send out healing wishes to her mother. If it's her time to go, I hope that Worried has lots of memories to cherish to help her get through the hard times. I will look forward to seeing her blogging again once she works through this.