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Saturday, January 14, 2006


The weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning early this afternoon for the three counties south and to the east of us. Guess where the funnel cloud touched down? Of course - the only county not included in the warning - ours. No damage - someone captured it on film or no one would have noticed. We never did get the thunderstorm, just some threatening clouds, a little rain, and it veered back off to the east toward Yosemite.

Rebecca is spending the night with the girls across the street. Rochelle was there last night and Rebecca went with her mom to visit a friend and spent the night there. They're regular gadabouts.

Elcie's report card came in the mail today. Five A's, one B+ one A-. 3.83 gpa. She carried it around with her until almost bedtime and now I have it here with my promise to try putting it on the scanner. It's very light print but I'll try. The camera with a closeup might work better.
Thanks for all your comments. She's still working below grade level of course but an achievement is an achievement. There will be some things she will always struggle with.

Not much going on today. I never got out of the house. I did write a Letter to the Editor of the local paper about Brokeback Mountain while I was still angry enough that my Canadian friends were seeing it when I couldn't. Not that I begrudge the two of you, you understand. I just get a little tired of the bluenoses here. I don't know for sure about a boycott but there were rumors back in December which were denied.

Three people have said here so far that their communities aren't showing it. Maybe it really is limited release.

A new commenter just popped up on gmail. I left a comment on her blog earlier. I'll be back.

That was Callooh (sp?) who likes Wally Lamb, the author of page 123, sentence 5 of the meme from yesterday. I'll tell you a little more about her when I go back to her blog. She caught me by surprise. Hi and welcome. Look forward to seeing more of you.

I've finished the first 75 pages or so now of "I Know This Much Is True". Had a lazy day with nothing on except football so I did some reading. It's hard to put down but more than I can finish in one evening. I can remember the days when I was still awake reading when the alarm went off but I'm a little beyond that now. My eyes wouldn't allow it.

Roger doesn't think he has a book with 123 pages. He has young children so I can understand that. I was lucky with this one.

I didn't get to the cookies today. No walnuts and it was rainy so maybe tomorrow. The kids have a 3 day weekend so I hope our weather clears up for all our sakes.

Nothing against football btw but my team has been out of it since the beginning of the season. Our glory days ended some time ago and we're resting on our five Super Bowl victories.

We have another new commenter to this blog although I know her well by now from isamericaburning. Julian from Missouri shares a blog with her friend Elizabeth (Memphis?). I'll have to double check but she and I were talking about Memphis earlier so I think that's right. Reminds me of me and "worried". Two women from separate cities working in tandem trying to make a difference. Julian's blog is a mixture of political commentary and fun. I enjoy seeing what the two of them have to say each morning.

Welcome to Julian (and Elizabeth if she turns up). If she already has, it means I missed a comment but I think she's been exclusively on the other blog.

We still have the kittens so it will be Monday at least. They are fast becoming cats. That's always the problem with kids and kittens. Feed them and they grow. It's going to be hard to part with the little suckers. Three of them were playing catch with a ball of yarn today and the other day two of them had discovered a piece of cord and were playing tug of war - one on each end. At least I'm assured that they will either find homes or live out their lives in comfort, if not luxury. It's something.

For anyone who doesn't know, these aren't my kittens. I'm much more responsible than that. One of the neighborhood cats decided to give birth under my house. Not for the first time has she had her kittens here. She disappears about the time they're weaned and I could take her to be spayed and doesn't turn up again until more kittens have arrived. I think we've had one batch in a closet (don't know how she got in the house but she did), one on our patio (all but one of those died) and this group of five now. We found homes for the first litter easily enough but I'm running out of patsies.

I had heard somewhere that blogger spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "blog". It doesn't. First time I've used it. Usually my errors are skipping a word or thinking one word and typing another. Spelling isn't the problem and neither, usually, is grammar. I get in too much of a hurry and don't pay close enough attention to what I'm doing.

I wonder if it will recognize the word "blog" on the next post or if I'll have to teach it all over again. Computers are fast but dumb. I need to remember that when I become intimidated. That thing we refer to as a brain isn't. All I have to do to stop it in its tracks is push a button or two. Although it has a good memory for most things, I'll give it that.

Took a long time to say not much of anything didn't it. The girls have been outside or at the neighbors for much of the day, Elcie has been smiling over her report card, and it's been quiet. I have a ham for tomorrow with the broccoli I didn't cook the other day. Elcie's been nibbling away at it so I hope I have enough left to cook. If I don't, I'll figure out something else. Raw broccoli is nutritious.

Eighteen paragraphs unless I miscounted (19 with this one) but at least, Roger, I didn't call it a quick wrap-up.

Good night all.


JBlue said...

Thanks for the welcome, Gran. Elizabeth will probably turn up here sooner or later. And, yes, she's in the Memphis metro area. I'm in the St. Louis area. Elizabeth and I go way back. I first met her in college! (It turned out we had mutual friends in high school but we never met.) I wish she lived closer now. My sons call her their godmother, and they love to spend time with her. She comes up here now and then (not nearly often enough) but mostly we keep in touch by phone and computer these days.

How long have you known Worried? How did you decided to blog together over at Is America Burning?

I enjoy your blogs, too, Granny.

Granny said...

Julian, I'll leave a comment over on julianb. We've got to stop meeting like this.

JBlue said...

Granny, my boys are visiting their Nana for the weekend, and Mr. Pink is STILL in bed (it's 12:25 here). He works evenings, though. So, I'm sitting here reading blogs and goofing off something terrible! There's work I could do, but it'

Granny said...


Just left half of a comment on your latest post and came over here to read your latest.

Going back to your blog now.

Jenorama said...

How is the book? I've had it on my shelf for years, have never read it.

jw said...

Granny, I really enjoy reading your posts - girls, cats, recipies, and friends.

About computers. Thats my field. Yes they are dumb. If they work correctly then they follow exactly the instructions that a programmer wrote. At times I have been that programmer. Of course I have never made any programming mistakes (what a lie, every program has mistakes!).

The Blogger programs seem well written. I have only had minor problems but I've heard others of you had more serious issues.

Elizabeth Green said...

Hey, Granny. I finally made it over here. For some reason, I forgot about the Granny blog because I have been having too much fun with Pat Robertson at America Burning.

Julian and I have known each for years. She is more like my sister than my best friend. I love her family. Adorable & smart kids! You have to get up a couple weeks ahead of time to get one over on them.

Keep encourgaging your granddaughter to do well. She will eventually get through her difficulties. Lots of kids grow out of that stuff over time.

Your weekend sounds nice & relaxing. I had to buy a new washer yesterday. My old one was leaking from the tub. Bummer.

Andie D. said...

I'm so proud of Elcie. The way you write Granny makes me feel like I know her. Thank you.