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Saturday, February 11, 2006

I Think I'm Just Tired

This morning I stood in front of the microwave and couldn't remember how to open it. Later, I could find the latch on the car door. Part of me said okay, I was half asleep still at the microwave and I haven't had the car very long - it's easy to get the old confused with the new. Both true of course but I've had a cobwebby feeling most of the day.

Not much change with Ray except they've increased the oxygen. I talked to the nursing station tonight and they didn't seem alarmed. I'll head back over in the morning. Haven't decided about church yet. I think it depends on how the girls feel.

Anyhow, I had a commitment to help feed 50 people for the Sacred Run which started yesterday in San Francisco and will eventually end up in Washington. We arrived to discover the 50 had become 150. We sort of looked at each other and then said it just goes as far as it goes. The runners were more than an hour late. It was a simple enough explanation. We didn't allow for the local people who helped coordinate (plus their families). Of course no one told us to expect them. For you Christians out there, it was an updated version of the loaves and fishes. Whatever, we had plenty of spaghetti, bread, almost enough salad, and enough cookies to take a few home. There was a little fresh fruit left over as well. We were cleaned up and out of there a little before nine.

Rebecca and Rochelle went along and participated in the Native American songs as well as being helpful and generally good. I had invited Elcie first but she wanted to stay home so I took the little ones instead. I'm beginning to worry a little about Elcie. Our co-pastors are dropping by next week for a chat. I'm almost sure it's just the age but there's a lethargy about her lately (outside of school) that bothers me. In any event, Elcie adores both of them (husband and wife) and she might just want to be wanted. I don't know.

She's not so handicapped that she can't participate in many activities and if she's having specific problems with other kids, she sure hasn't told me. Charlotte and Andrew are thoughtful, caring, and not at all "religious" or preachy. It's a starting place anyway.

I got sidetracked once again. Once I arrived at the church, the cobwebs seemed to lift so maybe what I needed was to be out with friends doing something. I've had to cancel some of the things I would normally be doing; partly because of Ray's illness and partly because there just hasn't been time. I've been pretty much housebound except for errands. That's okay, it goes with the territory. I just needed a break from it for a little while I think. Slicing a zillion mushrooms wouldn't normally be my idea of a good time but it was.

Elcie was asleep when I came in. Rochelle and Rebecca are settled down in the living room and I'm sure Rebecca is already asleep. I'll check in a few minutes.

I just posted two sets of pictures. One to qualify for a meme if I can ever remember the originator. Someone with a lovely garden and with a thumb as green as mine is purple.

The other set was taken at the church tonight. Not the greatest lighting or photos but you can get an idea. They do have a website, with much more info. Clicking on the post title will take you there.

Early bedtime once again. I'll see if I can wake up tomorrow remembering how to open the door on a microwave I've had at least five years. No kidding, I just stood there.

Good night all.


Mother Damnable said...

Ann, no surprise you're a little tired, I'd have a job keeping up with all you do!

I'm sending a breeze to blow those cobwebs right away :>)

Mother Damnable said...

ps Do you think Elcie might be growing? I know my boys always seem kinda lethargic when they're about to grow!

I am sure she will enjoy being wanted thought :>)

Anvilcloud said...

I'm impressed -- I can barely figure out how to feed two. And good luck with Ray.

DA said...

Granny, always taking care of everbody. Don't forget yourself now.

Best wishes to Ray!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Take care of yourself too okay? Cobwebs could be serious or maybe your just in the serious need of a nap!