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Friday, February 10, 2006

On way to bed I hope

It's a little past 11:00 which is early for me but not tonight. Just a fast update and I'm out of here.

Ray has pneumonia (some of you already know all this). I don't know what that has to do with the headaches but they're treating the pneumonia and continuing to run tests. I was over there for a little while earlier but he was eating dinner and then sleepy so I came back home. I'll go back tomorrow.

He thinks they'll probably keep him for the weekend. I brought his clothes home and they're washed and back in the bag. I'll take them tomorrow so they'll be there. I almost forgot them when I went to pick him up at the Modesto hospital a couple of weeks ago. At least here the hospital is only 10 blocks away. Modesto is over 40 miles.

All except one child asleep. We had a fire a block or so up the street while Rochelle was still awake. I've convinced her we're safe but she's still restless. I think the house was badly damaged but no one was hurt and it didn't spread.

Earlier we had an ambulance next door which worried her too. She'd just gotten over that when along came four fire trucks right down our street. I wouldn't let her go rubberneck and we couldn't see much from our porch. A friend kept us posted.

Thanks again to everyone for the good wishes. It seems like an ongoing soap opera around here lately.

Welcome to g-man. I think we had another new visitor as well but I'll have to back and check the older posts. Tomorrow.

Girls almost recovered from their roller skating fun. They were both a little sore this morning but I think it worked itself out. They're becoming quite skilled but they still go boom once in a while.

Tomorrow I help serve dinner at the church for about 50 people participating in the Sacred Run. At least I don't have to cook all that spaghetti.

Good night.


Mother Damnable said...

Sending best wishes to Ray for a speedy recovery.

I'll be thinking of you all.

Sheri said...

Sending way good wishes your way for your family's health! Take care.

Ms. Lori said...

Oh, poor Ray -- poor you!

Here's to a speedy recovery and a healthy, trouble-free year to come.

P.S. I spent quite a while the other night reading through your blog & archives, and I think you're just wonderful. What an inspiration you are. Plus, you're very, very cool. ;-)

beckster said...

I really hope Ray gets better very quickly!

mo-wo said...

Good night, sleep tight.

Not a soap opera at all, Granny. A bit of a crusade for you though. Your strength in the face of these ongoing challenges is such an inspiration. Thank-you for sharing.

Do take care of yourself, too, would you.

EmmaSometimes said...

Best wishes and strength to you! Peace and comfort for your girls. Health and best wishes for Ray.

big hugs!

L. said...

Oh dear -- hope it all sorts itself out. At least it sounds as if it`s under control!