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Thursday, February 23, 2006

On to Less Weighty Matters (see previous post)

My world seems to be so interconnected with this blog that this morning my son Tim invited me to lunch via the comment box. I accepted of course. We discussed Thai and Indian and eventually decided on the Indian buffet. I'd made him (and evidently several other people judging from the comments) hungry.

The bread served with the buffet here is called naan (thanks Roger, Tim, and others). Once I saw the name I remembered. Roger has sent recipes which seem to include hanging it from a hook. The links are included in his comments on that post. We inquired about dosa, they serve something similar with their dinners. We'll have to return for dinner sometime. Mollie has mentioned poppadoms (sp?) as well. Roger was talking about masala and Kathleen mentioned samosas. More googling. Aha - I ate masala today and didn't know it. Somosas - a mixture of chicken and peas with many spices including coriander in something like filo. That I haven't eaten yet I don't think.

I have just discovered it's much easier to do all the typing and then go back and add the code for the links. Wow.

I spent much of today catching up with paperwork (boring) and putting away laundry (even less exciting). Tomorrow I'll finish up with errands I've been putting off from day to day. Maybe. I seem to have run out of small coat hangars so the next project will be either to buy more hangars (where would I put them - see photo) or have Rebecca go through the jeans and make some painful decisions. Everything passes down to her. If she can select the ones she wears the most, I can do a better sorting job. Bear in mind each of those vertical rods holds five pair of jeans and you'll get the idea.

The shirts are almost as bad but take up less space. Yes, I know I whined about the closet once before. I'm whining again. At least it's a new photo. Where are those jeans coming from? I think it's because everything is washed and hung up at once. Usually the laundry is in various stages.

Andrea has sent wonderful instructions for the sidebar. I'm going to try the next addition myself. Have to tackle it sometime. The code seems simple, it's almost like what I already know. She assures me I can't mess it up unless I try really hard.

I'm watching Classic Arts as I type and listening to Un Bel Di from Madama Butterfly. It's animated and lovely. Butterflies flying all over the screen. Ends with her becoming a butterfly herself and flying away. They've just switched over to excerpts from The Mikado. Must be Japanese night although I'm sure neither one present a true picture of Japan. I do love this channel. Sometimes I don't want to watch a full opera and I don't want to just listen either. Classic Arts provides the best of both and full of surprises. A little of everything.

Puccini exiled one of his heroines (Manon Lescaut) to the "deserts" of Louisiana where she died of course. I love his music but his research left a little to be desired. At least nobody dies in The Mikado although it was a close call. Gilbert & Sullivan were great on satire, not so good on reality. It wasn't their intention.

Okay, I'm babbling. Time to close up shop for the night. They've switched once again - to Rachmaninoff. A piano prelude (C sharp minor for anyone who cares) that I know and could even almost play once upon a time. Notice the word almost. I think I learned it when I was maybe 13 or so and it may have been a simplified version. I'm not sure I ever had that hand span or the technical expertise. Stop babbling and go to bed, Ann.

I haven't said anything about the girls because, except for the usual, not much is going on. I must make time for Elcie and Pictionary tomorrow. I haven't looked at the Junior version but the Adult version works with teams. Rochelle and Rebecca? Playing nicely together? We'll see.

This week has run more smoothly than I expected and our weather is cooperating. The trees are beginning to bloom and the rain has left for now. They do much better when they're not cooped up. Darn it, the girls, not the trees although being cooped up wouldn't do much for the trees either.

Good night.


Andrea said...

hahaha that is too funny about the lunch invite throught the comment box.
Love it!

Good luck with the side bar. I know you can do it.
as they say in Japan


Jenorama said...

Now, I am hungry too! I love Indian food. Try Samosas and papadon when you can. The spinach and cheese (panak paneer) is my favorite, but I love all of it. MMMMmmmmm....

That is a LOT of jeans, LOL!

JBlue said...

Granny, I always do a preview before saving template changes. It helps.

tAnYeTTa said...

I have no suggestions for the closet because ummm closet is WORSE than hers! LOL

Daddy D said...

my wife and I discuss dinner plans everyday through

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

Granny said...

Daddy D - welcome. Really sad my son and I are a cell phone call away. It was so funny. He's just started reading the blog.


Beth said...

I now have a delightful picture of moping, cooped up trees. Thanks

mreddie said...

Now I feel deprived, I know absolutely nothing about Thai or Indian and don't think we have any available in our area for a trial tasting. And I did chuckle about the cooped up trees. :) ec

Anonymous said...

what is it you are doing with the sidebar that is not only difficult, but dangerous? i want in on this new thing.

a granny that plays pictionary. you're the best!

Alice said...

Pictionary rules! It's my mother's favourite game, and I love it too. I'm sure the kids would have great fun with it, although that may be my arrogant inner 'I like it so so must everyone else' voice speaking, so, I'll shut up about it now.

And you're right. Cooping up trees is bad.


Dem Soldier said...

Tim invited me to lunch via the comment box. Lol.......

closet looks not full to me...little movements(which will not make her cry) will do it...

Missy said...

Thanks for the comments, Granny!

I love your comments on BB, too. It's nice to see someone who is so concerned about the future (our country and our youth).

I think I've found my surrogate grandmother...:)

Oh, and...THAT'S A LOT OF JEANS!!!

Gary said...

Nice babbling Granny :) (Really)

I love Indian food and eat it whenever I can. Eating out with your son just adds to the already nice spice.

cluttergirl said...

That IS a lot of jeans! But I am guilty of the like. I have tons of old jeans I can't bring myself to throw out, and hardly wear (or fit into). I love naan bread. mmm. But maybe it has to be made fresh? And anything indian with spinach in it. mmmmm.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

We have blooming Almond trees just down the street, acers and acers of them. Our landlord has just finished planting almon trees on the 80 acers here, which aren't blooming yet though.

I really got to get some pictures of the almond trees they are so pretty. We have a storm coming Sunday or Monday which could shatter or scatter the blooms.