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Saturday, February 25, 2006

When There's Nothing Much to Say

I managed to skip a day without saying anything. My limit, I think.

I walked out into the kitchen at midnight to find Rochelle busy drawing page after page of animals with a real life animal joining her at the table. She had been asleep - something woke her up. Much have been too much Pictionary today. She's on a drawing kick and she's good. She had puppies, kittens, a couple of snakes, and a dragon or two (complete with fire breathing).

Last night she drew me a picture of her school transplanted to a desert with cacti and the sun shining down.

They all learned to play very quickly and so far it's a game they can play without quarreling. It took a little while to convince them it didn't matter how well they could draw. Most of the fun is in how bad the drawings can be and still be figured out. I set an excellent example. You should see my ladybug. Luckily Elcie guessed it before I had a chance to add spots and legs to my circle. She's good, that one.

Two more days until school.

Tonight was hot dogs and canned baked beans. I have a chuck roast thawing for tomorrow and I'll redeem myself. We had a large brunch around noon so no one was starving. Besides, to them hot dogs and beans are gourmet fare as long as I have a supply of catsup.

Rebecca woke up while I was writing this. She went back to bed and now Ray's awake. Am I typing too loudly?

I'm still working my way through the blog roll challenge. I managed to click on the dreaded template last night which helped. I can actually see what's already there. Maybe this weekend I'll try to add something and worry about the alphabet later. One thing at a time and I'm about three names behind.

We have new visitors. Gary who writes Within Sight and lives in Nelson, British Columbia, and Dem Soldier, a student at the University of Minnesota. Both are friends from the "other" blog and I'm glad they dropped by over here. Guys, if you've been here before and I've forgotten, oops. You're on the isamericaburning blog roll instead of this one.

Missy is a new blogger or at least this blog is new. She's a SAHM mom and a geophysicist from Seattle. Wow. We met on Blogging Baby where I've met so many people.

daddy d (ace detective) writes many of his posts about his daughter as mystery stories. To me, the mystery at first was how he found me. Upon reading the comments, I found three very familiar names, all visitors here. Another example of the blogging community.

Welcome to all of you and I hope you keep coming back.

Rebecca just came in and piled into my bed. She's already sound asleep. It seems to be a restless night for everyone and I'm not sure why.

Classic Arts is now playing "Figaro" (Barber of Seville Figaro) performed by a brass brand with the tuba carrying most of the melody. Different to say the least. I don't know how many of you remember Spike Jones but I can hear some similarities. Oh, it was the Canadian Brass. Just switched over to I Pagliacci (I'm really not sure of that spelling but it looks right) It's the prologue (update - not the prologue it comes in right before he runs amok), not the famous aria, at least so far. Sherill Milnes, one of my favorite baritones in his heyday. Now it's immortal Sarah Vaughn with "Send in the Clowns". I sense a theme.

It's past 2:00 a.m. As I said, a restless night but I should at least try for sleep.

Clowns have now been replaced by a witch's coven, complete with cauldron. Most witches I know are nothing like that at all.

Now I know it's time for bed where I hope most of you who don't live on the other side of the globe have sense enough to be.

Good night.


Andrea said...

you can do it I KNOW YOU CAN I believe in you. hugs

Andie D. said...

Do you think that Rochelle will let you post some of her pictures? I'd love to see them!

I really love kid pictures, of all kinds. Thinking about posting some of Ben's - he recently did his first self portrait and it's pretty funny. Then again, he's not yet 4.

DA said...

I second Andie, love to see some drawings too..
Sleep tight Granny

Anonymous said...

i'm with the others about seeing some of rochelle's pictures.

and on your meal, dang! i was hoping for RUMP roast.

tatootim said...

Hello Mommy dear I am glad we have added more people to the pictionary world, another generation of board game players is born. Rochelle has always been the sensitive artistic one (hmmn kind of like her great Uncle)Love you I am trying to find a new tattoo to deface my body with, I know you are thrilled beyond imagination.

Angel said...

Oooh we saw Sherill Milnes in Tosca!! He was soooooo awesome and it's still one of my favorite operas.

I once heard a soloist tuba with orchestra. It was all I could do to NOT laugh my head off. He was good, really, but tubas make me giggle.

Uncle Roger said...

The Canadian Brass is (are?) great. I saw them in person many, many years ago... at the gift mart, I think. (Or whatever they call that wholesale importers' showroom building down around 8th and townsend.) Also saw them on Sesame Street, where I saw a lot of great artists, before I knew who they were. I have an album or two of their's as well.