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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Christmas Decorations Packed in Time for Easter (except for that fake poinsettia)


Welcome to Bacchus who lives in San Francisco with his partner and son. I spotted him on another blog, left a comment, and he responded.

For some reason I woke up today with a lot of energy; not the usual thing at all. My friend was here as usual and we started in on a grand cleaning. All the decorations are down and

packed away, the surfaces have been washed and my bell collection is back in place.

Photo 1, the etagere - I forgot to pack the plant - went back later and swept down the cobwebs I missed. The little hat (amber colored) is older than I am - I don't know by how much but it came from my mom's house and I think it was passed to her.

#2, the top of the piano.

#3 the bookcase in the entryway. Only half - too small a space to get the whole thing. They were, until today, covered with Santas, creches (I collect those too sort of), and all little things we put up each season. Usually they don't remain until the 30th of March but at least it isn't April.

I used to have a larger bell collection but that was BG (before girls). They're not destructive on purpose but accidents do happen. None are expensive, some have been gifts from the girls and Ray, some from yard sales. I like bells.

Onward and upward. We straightened, swept, and Ray vacuumed. Good for him. He wants to help so badly and he's so limited now in what he can do. I cleaned the front bathroom fairly thoroughly. It's the one the girls use and now that they're older it's much more loaded down with their assortment of bath and beauty products. Did the laundry, hers and mine, and had a great time. The girls' mom showed up and did the living room section of the front room. Tomorrow I'll probably run a wet mop over the kitchen and bathroom but that was enough for one day. (Or not - it's grocery shopping day tomorrow). Major outlay for the month. I'll come home loaded down and spend a good part of the day putting things away. Dawn may go with - she quite often does. Ray used to and actually enjoyed it. We do the shopping together and then have breakfast. Now, it's just too much for him.

Elcie's room could stand a little straightening, Carol is responsible for the back bathroom and her room so we're in good shape once again (until tomorrow at least). I've been doing cupboards and pantries a little at a time but that's an ongoing thing. I'm much more obsessive over the things I can control and that are my "territory" than I am about anything else.

Dawn and I have an informal agreement. She uses my washer and dryer and is always willing to help around here. It's a great trade off and she's a good friend. Much younger and stronger. She lives a little further from the school than I so she stops here with her kindergarten daughter and then walks them all to school and usually hangs out with me or at least here if I'm busy until kindergarten lets out. With Carol sick there are some things that just get away from me so I'm glad to have her around.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions about Rebecca. Since there's so little left of the school year, we'll just try to get through it (maybe with summer school if she's eligible). I'll see what's available with diagnostics other than what we've done, and a tutor might be an option. Much of it comes down to money, unfortunately. I'm not sure what the state will or won't cover so that's another thing I need to check out. It was much easier with Elcie and Rochelle - their problems were obvious; Rebecca's aren't except maybe to me.

I have another meme; one that I haven't seen before but I'll put it on as a separate post either tonight or tomorrow. It's courtesy of expat traveler a recent visitor here who has traveled extensively, has great memories and photos of Switzerland, and now lives in Vancouver, BC. Welcome expat (somewhat belatedly)..

A word about memes, jokes, and such. I don't know about you but my day to day life is quite serious much of the time, as well as busy. I enjoy the memes, the jokes, the recipes from time to time, and the back and forth conversations we've established here. Granny has become what I wanted it to be although I didn't have a clue what that was when I started. It's a break from the "reality" I face every day and an opportunity to touch base with friends I never would have met otherwise. So the memes, recipes, and jokes will be here from time to time along with my regular rambling.

Take care everyone.


Mother Damnable said...

Oooh Granny We are as bad as each other!

I had Christmas in my front room till two weeks ago!

Now I'm as mad as a March hare and Spring Cleaning....

Missy said...

Did you learn nothing about that computer program for housecleaning? You just drop it in the recycle bi...oh, wait, we're back to reality?

Alice said...

Wow. You're a lot tidier than I am, although I will say that our decorations come down before Epiphany (that's my mum's rule: she always insists on it) so we were ahead of you on that.

RE Rebecca, unfortunately I have no useful advice; just sympathy, understanding and encouragement to keep plodding on.

Keep plodding. Keep trying. The important thing is that you are, and you always will.

Andrea said...

glad ray is moving around a bit, that is possitive!!, things sound like they are moving alang normal like.

i havent done your blog roll for a while, how is that???

madcapmum said...

"Accidents happen".

Ain't that the truth! My kids come from a broken home ... They broke it themselves!

JBlue said...

That's a great informal arrangment you have with Dawn.