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Saturday, April 29, 2006

More of This and That

I have no kids again tonight. Elcie and Rebeccca spent most of the day and tonight at our friend's house again. Rochelle is across the street with her on again, off again friend. Right now it's on. Before she left, the three of us went out to dinner where she consumed everything on her plate, some of ours including half my green salad, and a small ice cream cone. Happy child.

Final word re Mo-Wo's comment on cat photo. She and I go back and forth on each other's blogs all the time. We kid each other a lot - thus her comment and my response. I can't speak for her of course but I was doing a tongue in cheek response to some of the discussions which go way beyond simple differences of opinion and almost into name calling and accusations of bad parenting.

The idea was I'll post my own kids' photos but never anyone else's without their permission. It doesn't matter what I might think; it's their decision and I respect it. Privacy is important; even in a non private place like the net. Thus my response about cats. Truth is, if I saw a cute cat hanging out, I'd probably take a picture.

Enough of that.

Ray seemed to enjoy his short evening out. First one in some time - we couldn't keep him out of hospital long enough. I forgot the camera, of course.

Dawn and I spent part of the afternoon (after I took Tim to work) on 1st of the month shopping. It helps to have her along because I buy all the staples for the month at once. Cat food, laundry supplies, all the paper products, shampoo, first aid, - I'm sure you hae the same list and it bulks up fast. No groceries to speak of yet. Probably Monday after my "date" with Professor David.

I did buy myself some spring clothes. Two pairs of shorts and two tops (and 3 bras - long overdue). I know, thanks for sharing, Ann. I'm still looking for some new jeans or slacks for summer but I ran out of time and energy simultaneously. My church is very casual so I now have something somewhat appropriate.

Should I be saying two pairs of shorts or two pair? Does it matter? Anybody have an opinion?

I think I mentioned before our husband and wife pastoral team are leaving in July. I read today they won't pastor in the same church but will be in the same city. Shame they can't stay together - they're a great team and I'll miss them. Our new pastor is coming from Sacramento where he was pastor of the church which hosted the"open door communion" Tim and I attended a while back. Sounds like a good fit for our congregation. I met him there briefly so we won't be total strangers.

Our weather is still quite warm but the experts are forecasting a drop to the low 80's next week. I still haven't done anything with their summer clothes but they're all together and we went through last season and got rid of the things we knew would be too small for any of them. I didn't anticipate Rochelle's spurt though. She and Elcie will be next to naked until I do some shopping. Their jeans are okay but they will need some short sleeve shirts and they once again need socks - lots of socks - and probably bras as well.

Always something.

I think we'll have our first picnic tomorrow. Maybe at the lake or maybe the back yard. I have some potato salad and I'll fix either chicken or hamburgers - finger food in any event. Might spring for some more melon. We don't do a production at the lake - just pack the essentials and go. Later, we'll proably take the barbecue along. The lake has them but they're old and the food has a tendency to fall into the coals unless we get there early to find a good one. It's still a little cold for lake water but the girls can at least get their toes wet. It's about 5 miles from here; almost in town. Univ. of Calif. Merced built its new campus right on the lake. Beautiful or will be when it's completed. So far, it's a work in progress.

Giants report for the day: Hi, Mollie

Giants 3 - Diamondbacks 2

Barry took day off. Tied going into bottom of 9th. Moses Alou hit a walk-off home run. Bye Bye Baby. Oshee, maybe your turn tomorrow.

See you all tomorrow.


oshee said...

Yes, I already saw the score. But Brandon Webb is pitching next game. I expect the Diamondbacks to do well SUnday.

I think you and I keep the same schedule. We late night bloggers...

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

We got the same insane hot weather darn it! It's too early to be this hot! I tried to mow the lawn and almost killed myself and our new lawnmower!

Warm weather and warm weather clothes, and I need to get my daughter some new shorts too. Darn it! She grew too! I need to place a rock on her head to keep her from getting so tall!

I just bought myself some clothes last weekend, but no shorts. I bought gardening stuff this time, so I guess that'll be something for next weekend.

Like you said alway something!


megz_mum said...

Just saying hi, haven't had a chance to read for a while. As for shorts - maybe 1 pair, 2 pairs??? No idea, just guessing. I am sure someone reading your blog will know!

Gawdessness said...

Bras are always important!
Hmmm, so that is the part of the post that I comment on, let's not go into what that might say about me!
Anyway, we treat them like a luxury even when for many of us they are a necessity and jeez louise are they ever expensive!

Babble said...

I did my weekly shopping yesterday aswell. Ran around fighting the crowds. I was kidless aswell last night. What did I do wild and crazy? SLept..LOL

Missy said...

Ahhh, bras are always important. It's a shame that we need them but we do.