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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Recipes from ipodmomma

I tried to go back and add this to the earlier post but was having problems with edit.

Click on the title for Mollie's special cake and an ambrosia (heavenly hash) recipe handed down from her grandmother.

My Arkansas aunt used to make ambrosia on special occasions, wouldn't share the recipe, and mine was never as good. This one sounds like the one I liked so much.

Three more posts below this one. You are warned.


Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ Last message before I leave. I am sorry that there are greetings for you on MY site, so take
a look. I will be 72 in May, so no
wonder time is flying. Hope you have
a great day on the nineteenth;
Do hope Ray gets well soon.
Cheers, Merle.

Jenorama said...

Am I a day early with the birthday wishes? Better too early than too late!

Turtle Guy said...

mmmm.... fooooddd... you know, maybe i should post something about food. I heard a rumour I'm a rather good cook!

Lavender Dawn said...

My husband cooked at a restaurant that made everything from scratch. They had 9 different salads I beleive? One of them was ambrosia. I wonder if he still knows how to make it.