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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging and New Addition

No, this isn't the new one - this is an older photo of Fidget. If you can picture a skinny bedraggled kitten about 1/4 that size, you have the varmint that turned up at our front door early this morning. He couldn't be more than a couple of months old and he was thirsty and hungry. We fixed that quickly and now he's lapping up a lot of cuddling along with the food and water.

My camera is acting up again and the battery wouldn't hold out long enough to download but if you see Fidget, you've seen the small Dingbat. Spunky and Fidget seem to take the interloper in stride so far.

The girls both had a great time on their field trips. Came home from school with what looks to be an accumulation from their entire school year. Rebecca emptied hers on my bed - we've since moved it all to the dining room table which is groaning under the weight. Thanksgiving Dinner weighed less, I think.

Tomorrow after school, when I'm sure the last of it has arrived, I'll wade through all the papers, books, trinkets, and do something. They will help.

It's still hot and no end in sight, at least for the next few days. They're predicting 100 ° for Fresno toward the middle of next week. We're usually a few degrees cooler.

Update - the local news just said we might drop to high 80's tomorrow but the air quality will be lousy.

My neighbor Dawn and I dropped the younger kids at school and set off on shopping. I picked up Elcie's video and a pair of just above the knee denim shorts for me along with a couple of matching tops. I'm set for the summer unless I can find one more pair of shorts just like these in khaki. They didn't have my size today.

We were done and back here in an hour. She knows my shopping list as well as I do and we don't mess around. Much more fun to get back here, put it away, and settle down for a card game or two. We went back out after we picked up her daughter from Kindergarten to pick up some groceries - first trip was for staples - the toilet paper, laundry soap run. We just didn't feel like doing both of them on one trip.

Fish sticks, fries, and peas for dinner along with some sliced tomato and avocado. Tomorrow I'll probably cook.

Elcie is on her second watching of the video already. She does that a lot.

I'm feeling better and a little more awake. It was probably a combination of heat and sleep cycle confusion. I do that once in a while. It's 11:30 now and I'll try for a reasonable bedtime. Tomorrow will be another busy day.

Rochelle said something funny and now I can't remember what it was. I should start making notes.

Oh well.

Take care everyone. Posted by Picasa


Alice said...

So you've gained another family member, eh?

Will he be a permanent fixture, or will his new home be a temporary stop gap before another one?

Glad the girls had fun. Hope your table survives! I know I used to bring back half a rain forest every July 21st - it used to make my mother's face change colour when she saw it all...

I'm locked out of my main remote desktop right now so no access to email. I'll let you know when I'm back in.

Hope you all have a great Friday!


ipodmomma said...

again, a lovely day... glad you got the shopping done! two trips is a good way to split it up...

I remember those days, bringing home all the bits from the year. so much to go through... but it's neat to see all they have accomplished...

and now a break! and I hope you get one from the heat too... I'll tell you what- just ship it to me! hee hee hee....

much love...

Anonymous said...

Well, that's how we normally get kitties. Actually, that's how we ALWAYS get kitties. I've never turned one away, even if I've had to find it another home later. It's harder now that Andy isn't working at the vet's office.

Glad to hear things are going well, even if it is a little warm. Summertime is upon us.

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
our end of school year is december, but I think the amount of "stuff" that gets bought home is about the same.

Hope the girls have a good summer, you too of course.
hugs jacqui

karrie said...

Ok, my cat Edison is a doppelganger.

Here is a picture of him around 6 months old (if this works):

Arwen said...

we are up to cat number 3, which is funny, because my husband isn't a pet person. none of the cats will cuddle the 100lb german shepherd so I think we will have to keep adopting until we find one that will. I wonder how hubby will like that?

Sarah Elaine said...

We are animal lovers in our family, too. My sister has a special penchant for attracting animals... Now they have 4 cats and a dog!

oshee said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. I look forward to seeing your new addition.
I grew up in a houseful of cats and kids. My mom has four or five cats and I currently have none. I think cats are some of the best creatures.

kittenpie said...

cute cat! I always like the black-and-white tuxedo-looking cats. I'm glad your others are adjusting well - I think we'd have the Fur Wars on our hands.

And it's been stinking hot and humid up here in Canada too. It wass like I'm swimming in soup, but the heat broke yesterday wtih some storms, so now we have a couple of days of cooling rain to look forward to.

JBlue said...

Now I'm losing track of these cats! Which one went to town hidden in your vehicle? That was funny. It's a good thing it didn't jump out and scare you!

PEA said...

Hi Ann...I've been checking out your blog and have thorougly enjoyed reading your posts:-) I grew up always having cats but when I got married, I couldn't have one because hubby is allergic to them...I keep threatening that now, after 30 years, I'm going to trade him in for a kitten! lol School here won't end until almost the end of June so the parents have a couple of weeks to prepare yet!! I remember on the last day of school, I would bring everything home and straight in the trash can it would go!! Continue writing your delightful posts and I hope you don't mind if I come visit you often:-)