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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Feeling Better Today, Thanks

I have done nothing today which is probably what I should be doing. I even slept through much of the Giants game which we lost. Barry hit number 721.

Hi to Alice, another lovely granny from Australia and my first visitor from Canberra, the Capital. I've been reading her comments on other blogs for a while now and have been intending to visit hers. She beat me to it.

Thanks to all of you who expressed concern over whatever it was yesterday. Here's what I'm sure caused part of the problem with my hand.

Colles Fracture when I was 27. I caught my heel in a tread and went down a flight of stairs, landing on my left wrist. They encased it in pins and a huge cast but warned me that I was just over the optimal age for proper healing. They were right. It's always had less mobility than my right and it's always the one that gives me problems.

It's the only bone I've ever broken but when I did it I didn't mess around. Dislocated my shoulder at the same time.

Combined with the early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome that helped prompt my early retirement, I'm not surprised it acts up from time to time.

I spent most of each workday on a computer and not the kind of typing I do here. This is more stop and start and doesn't seem to bother me.

The foot and leg have done that before; usually from too much walking on concrete in my battered old loafers. I should invest in one pair of decent walkers. I finally wore through the soles of my ancient pair of ugly, but functional, Bass walkers.

I'd been quite inactive yesterday (heat) until I made the store run and I think my foot didn't like it too well and passed the message to my lower leg. Just a coincidence that the hand and foot went on strike at the same time.

But yes, I drink lots of water. I'll try to get a few bananas away from the girls before they disappear. And if it happens again with the severity of yesterday, I'll bite the bullet and see a doctor (as I'm always advising others to do).

So, I'm putting almost everything off until tomorrow morning.

Rebecca came home for a little while with her friend, the two ate breakfast, and they're gone again. Elcie is riding around the block in her chair and Rochelle has as much energy as I. She did cut up the second canteloupe for me. I'm avoiding gripping anything until I'm sure the hand is okay again. Tomorrow, we'll all work on the clean laundry. They can sort as well as I.

Rochelle found flags today I didn't know I had. First she brought out a CA state flag (Bear Flag Republic), then the flag of Mexico, and then a 50 star U. S. flag. All full size - large enough to display on a regular flagpole. ???

I knew I had a 48 star flag. To you kids out there, AK and HI became states in 1959 so that flag is at least 47 years old. The last state to come in before that was AZ in 1912. It's not in great shape but I keep hanging on to it. It's part of history.

I'll be back with some pics (if Kodak and Blogger cooperate) and later on a meme I hadn't seen before. It will look overwhelming but it's not, actually.

Take care everyone and thanks again for the concern.


Anonymous said...

Glad you took a day to relax a bit. We all need that every once in awhile!

I need new shoes, too. My tennies are so worn out they have holes in the sides and they actually hurt my feet. Funny how the boys always have nice shoes before I do :)

Anvilcloud said...

These old injuries come back at us later on, don't they. I am having a flare-up of a 20-year-old sprained ankle. Go figure.

Gina said...

Nothing productive can be done on a Sunday, it's a rule.

Agree with AC about old injuries, mine are haunting me already and they aren't even that old!

Glad you are doing better, cute pics of the girls up there!

Missy said...


Hope you don't have any more pain. Hand pain is the worst, because we do so much with our hands.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Ah, so that's why you weren't blogging? I was wondering if some got hurt or ill--Ray again?

I hope you are doing better, and please go see a doctor.

That old flag may be worth something.


Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ I am so sorry you had that trouble with your hand and your leg I had the weekend off after making a mess of my last blog. My brother Peter had tp edit it to a better read. Just got my
e-mail back today (Mon). Anyway I do hope that all is well again. It was
probably a warning to slow down.
Take care, Merle.

PEA said...

We're all concerned about you because we care about're so busy caring for everyone else, you tend to forget yourself so we gotta do it for you:-) Wow, don't ever give up that flag, that's really something!!