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Monday, August 14, 2006

Absolutely the Last Word on Rice-a-roni

But first, San Francisco Giants 1 San Diego Padres 0 - Final!!

Josie asked in the comments about the San Francisco connection to Rice-a-roni. Here it is with thanks to Jerry at I was Asked.

I can't possibly explain the confusion on the buses. Elcie discovered after school that Rochelle is supposed to be on the same bus. Who knew? We'll send her tomorrow and drive Rebecca. Meantime, that bus arrives here at 7:25 and school begins at 7:45. No time for them to eat breakfast at the school so that's one more thing to be fixed. I'll call the District tomorrow and straighten it all out including, I hope, little Rebecca. I was waiting to see what happened with the p.m. bus. Answer - 30 minutes late arriving here. I'd grabbed up Rochelle and Rebecca and was home a good 45 minutes ahead of Elcie.

If the school serves breakfast, they must accommodate all children. That means that somehow my girls get to eat. I hate to sound petty but on our fixed income those 15 meals a week for breakfast (30 for breakfast and lunch) can add up in a hurry. If the bus schedule doesn't allow enough time, they should fix it somehow. Each year a new problem with transportation.

Otherwise they had a good day. Rochelle complained of boredom but the first day is all orientation and speeches. I'd probably be bored as well. She likes classwork but there wasn't any.

Rebecca and Elcie had homework the very first day and so did I. All the forms to complete and sign. At least they're the same as last year.

I think they'll be fine once they become used to the larger campus and the odd rules. Yes, they can have a cell phone as long as it's turned off in class. I'll think about it a little more but I'll probably go ahead; especially if transportation continues to be an issue. There is a cell phone that allows kids to call 3 or 4 programmed numbers and that may be the way to go.

Elcie was asleep by 8:30, the other two just a little after 9:00. Not bad, they were ready with no arguments and very little stalling.

Short post tonight (for me). I'm a little tired too. I'll catch up on some blog reading and call it a night.

Thanks to all of you for the comments and take care.


Josie said...

Thanks for finding out about Rice-A-Roni. You're very enterprising. You know, I've never tried it. I think I will have to get some, now that I've read about it.


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I love rice-a-ronie and it sibling noodle-roni too, and I have cooked them since I have been married and that's 26 years. We have one or the other at most of our dinners.

Your girls and mine started school on the same day, but I am my daughter's transportation. The buses don't go at this far, because we live way out in the country the other way. And since my daughter is also a transfer student I have to drive her anyway.

I hope you have better luck with the buses tomorrow.


Sothis said...

Wow-school starts early out there! I wish it did here, too. Still two weeks to go and nothing but rain.

Sorry about the problems with the bus--it should get the kids to school in time to have breakfast there. I hope that all works out.

Sorry I haven't been around in a while. Been very tired and have not been online for a couple of weeks.

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~ What a lot of your posts that I have missed. For the last week I could only see Sunday Aug 6th with the heading Sunday night updated around 1.30 am. But tonight lots more showing.I even e-mailed you to see if everything was OK. Anyway I am glad all is well andthe girls are back at school. I hope the bus problems have worked out, and that the girls are settled and happy. Thanks
for your comments. Take care, Love, Merle.

JunieRose said...


Hope all the little problems work out with the girls' new school year! for rice-a-roni- I have served it often during my marriage and raising my 3 kids and 4 grandkids> It's GOOD!


Anonymous said...

Andy tells me that those Firefly cellphones from Cingular are great. Not expensive and a few numbers programmed in only. The police departments here recommend them for latchkey kids, kids with alot of extracurricular activities, and kids with medical issues.

Glad the first day went mostly well. It's good that you're catching the issues early so that they can be fixed.

The Mama said...

Sounds like things went as well as can be expected! There are always kinks to work out at the beginning. I misread yesterday and thought the girls didn't start til next Monday, but I'm glad they started yesterday and everything went well.

I hope you enjoy the peace and quiet during during the day!

Alice said...

"Rochelle complained of boredom but the first day is all orientation and speeches. I'd probably be bored as well."

Yep. That always bored me silly.

I tended to doodle/write/both through as much of it as possible, and daydream when I couldn't.

Of course, that tended to get me into trouble...

...Hope the bus/breakfast thing gets sorted out, sooner rather than later.



Sue said...

I'd be interested in knowing what kind of cell phone you end up with. I've been doing some looking too, for our 8th grade grandson this year. They can have them, but they must be off during school.

Neets said...

You are right about the transportation... they better fix their schedules... kids cant sit empty stomach in the class! if they take up the responsibility to get them breakfast, then they have to be sure to get the kids to reach their breakfast in time. life has been real hectic at office ... i come home by 8:30-9 pm !
Cant the kids keep the mobile phones switched on but in viberator mode. Then parents could reach them in case of any emergency. yeah... but of course there is the option of calling the school if you want to reach them anyway. I dont think i have heard of such phones here... that would be great if parents could enforce on the numbers kids can dial from their phones.

Ava said...

Sounds like a busy schedule. I hope you are able to get the headaches of transportation worked out. Good luck!!

Leish said...

Ahhh, the beginning of the school year. Always hard to get into the swing of things. Hope you got some Z's.

Anonymous said...

i am so jelouse you ahve school to look forward to.. LOL.. sory the transportation thing isn't working out well... good luck with that!!!
blogger and i ain't gettin along so it dosn't have my link and is under anonymous sorry...

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I can't believe the late arrival of the bus in the morning...7:25 for school that begins at 7:45? And then somehow they're supposed to eat breakfast before school.
My grandson (5th grader)last year got 20 minutes to eat lunch and that included standing in line waiting to be served. Then they were not allowed to talk while they ate. (of course they didn't have time but). What kind of schools are we sending our kids to?

Jo said...

Argh! Transportation woes. They reduced to me tears last year, it seems like they are more complicated and difficult to deal with than the school its self. Good luck!