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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Goofy Day

During which I spent most of my time behind the wheel of the minivan.

I thought I had most of my day planned out but Carol had an unexpected doctor visit which threw everything out of kilter. She had some pain that was troubling her, and had gone to the e.r. They couldn't find anything and sent her out to the cancer center. They suggested she call her surgeon. He looked her over and said she was fine. We'll see how it goes but she does seem to be doing better today. I still wonder about an infection though and I'm watching her. He's a good surgeon but somewhat cavalier in his aftercare approach.

Between dropping her and picking her up, Ray & I ran the errands (with all three girls since no one was at home) we'd originally intended. Meantime, I'd gotten my signals crossed and promised both Elcie and Rebecca outings just with grandma for the same day. They have the memories of elephants for something like that even when they can't remember to pick up their clothes from the bathroom floor or their shoes from the middle of the doorway.

I juggled some more. Rebecca went with me to the bread store and selected some of the bread and treats. She charmed the counter person who was quite taken with her hair, eyes, and ethnicity which was similar to his. They had quite a conversation.

Went back home, lay down for an hour (by then it was late afternoon and Elcie was becoming discouraged). I rose to the occasion somehow. She and I set out on a search for cat name tags (for their collars). Never did find them but we found some plain flea collars (which they needed) that we could write on. We went to Barnes & Noble for a cold drink (missing Tim by just a few minutes) and then decided to pick up the rest of the school supplies and stop at KFC for their chicken special to bring home.

I'll start cooking again tomorrow I promise. The first week of the month is always a little nuts.

Elcie was happy, Rebecca was happy, Ann was ready to drop where she stood, and Rochelle understood she gets most of the trips. She's the one who hears my keys jingle. Elcie usually wants to stay home and Rebecca would often rather spend the time with her buddies in the neighborhood. Rochelle doesn't care where I'm going - she just wants to go along.

Elcie and I had a great time. This time the conversation in the car drifted to the neutering of animals. What's the difference between a woman having her tubes tied and a female cat being spayed? I spent the next ten minutes explaining. I have no idea what prompted the question and why I always seem to be discussing biology while negotiating five o'clock traffic.

Oh well. I'm grateful for communication, wherever it takes place, and the car seems to be Elcie's comfort zone.

Just as I hoped we were winding down and I was enjoying a telephone conversation with a friend, Rebecca came in with a turned ankle and scratches down her back. She jumped from something and misjudged. So, along with a fat lip from yesterday, her ankle and back hurt.

Nothing serious. Rochelle leapt to the rescue and between the two of us we got Rebecca into a cool bath, a shampoo, and some pampering. She's sound asleep now and I think so are the other two. At least it's quiet.

Not much else. Mollie, if you're reading, the Giants victory yesterday was not the beginning of a glorious comeback although Barry hit 723.

And now I'm going to catch up on a few more of my blogging buddies and call it a night (or a morning - it's almost 1:00 here on the left coast).

Thanks for all the comments and take care everyone.


Nerdine said...

sounds like you had quite a day there, Ann!
Reading your blog make me miss my gran - I loved going on outings with her. And I totally understand Elcie - It's comforting to talk in the car - no fear of being interrupted or made fun of by siblings - or by others. It's like a world of its own where you and Elcie are the only two residents..

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~ Poor Rebecca is having a few scrapes. Glad that Elcie enjoys talking in the car, I guess because there is just the 2 of you. Never mind hat Granny has to manipulate the traffic. Thanks for your comment, hope the Stew or whatever turned out OK. I didn't know what to call it, just Quick and easy.
I just watched the last of a 2 part series about Robert Kennedy which was very good. So many killings.
Take care, I hope your daughter is feeling better, Cheers, Merle.

Autumn said...

Sounds like yesterday was busy for you too. Maybe it is the moon or the planets out of order what a day huh. Glad you got to spend time with the girls. It is so important to keep that line of communication open, and it sounds like your doing a wonderful job.

PEA said...

Gosh, it's no wonder you get to bed so exhausted...long days for you Ann! In this heat too!! We are getting much cooler days now, no more humidity for now...thank goodness!! When you mentioned your friend going to the ER, reminded me when I had to bring my mom there twice this past winter...the first time we had to wait 7 hours to see a doctor, the second time 5 hours! Ridiculous...a person has time to die while waiting in there!! Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful day with a bit more relaxing! Hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...

I used to do most of my serious talking to my mom in the car, too. No chance of any interruption by dad or brothers or (then, anyway) phones. And I had her attention that way.

When does school start there? You need a day off!

madcapmum said...

My kids always spring the Big Questions on me when we're in rush-hour traffic too! I swear, they write them down in a little book somewhere and don't bring them out till the pace picks up!

Beth said...

A friend who teaches psychology at the college told me once that kids remember things that are important to them, not things that are important to us.

They're like people that way.


Gina said...

Glad you were able to do things with both girls.

It does indeed sound a bit crazy over there. Poor Rebecca!

barbara said...

Glad you got a nap in, i got tired just reading your post!

J said...

My mom and I used to have some of our best conversations in the car, and now sometimes Maya and I do as well. Nice to have that time when there's no one else around and no TV/Games/Books/Chores to distract you from each other. I know they value time alone with you. :)

Anonymous said...

ohhh, you don't have to start cooking on our account, you silly girl, lol

so, you have found the "comfort zones" for each of the girls where they feel good talking about things? thats quite an accomplishment.

remember eugenics? where they forced women on welfare to have their tubes tied? those were NOT the days. thats whats different between cats and women, we have a choice, they dont

so, i just seem to keep thinking, i wished i had a granny like you. so full of attention, and sacrifice for your girls, i sure as heck hope the appreciate it, if not now, some day they will look back and know how blessed they were to get the attention you give them, and the home you provide for them. Bless you!!

Carmen San Diego said...

I think its great that you do thingsalone with the grand children. I'm sure they will cherish that and love that all the time. I hope that Carol starts feeling better. Tell her to take it easy.


Diane said...

Hi, Granny. I just read your comment on my recipe blog. I'd be flattered for you to link to it, and/or my regular blog. It's at:

It's nice to meet you, and you're right about Bay. I was born and raised in Trumann, graduated high school there. I moved to Bay 21 years ago when I got married. :-)

Thanks for visiting. I'll be back. :-)

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Ann ~ I thought maybe Rebecca is the fearless one, getting into few scrapes I think you have good dialogue going with the children ,hard to keep up, but I think the idea of having a rest each day is good one. Otherwise I notice you don’t seem to get much sleep.
Best wishes

wolfbaby said...

wow I hope Carol ends up being ok!!!

the girls sure do keep you busy don't they...

wow, when do you sleep? or do you?

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I have had some simular situations with my daughter and YGF opening up to me when we are on a trip or running errans. I think it's because we're both facing forward and there is no eye contact excempt for a quick glance, plus there is a intimacy in being so close together with no once else with in hearing distance.

Poor Rebecca that sounds painful, on top of the injury from the day before.

I hope Carol is alright. My sister had cancer doctors that were some what dismissive of her pains and fevers. And fevers can be very serious when you are under going cemo and/or the in the recovery process. Does she have a nurse that is asigned to her? Some times a nurse will pay more attention than a doctor will.

I'm glad to hear that Ray is doing well enough to go on errans with you. That is good.

Take care.


Viamarie said...

Praying that everything will be okay with everyone tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by. God Bless!

Jenny said...

Holy crap, sweetie. I need a nap just from reading this post!

Sending you good thoughts.

3catsmeow4me said...

Its really great that you can spend quality time with your grandchildren.

Have a great weekend

JBlue said...

Seems like they expect a lot of running around from a cancer patient. And her mother.

Don't know how you do it, Ann.

Kristen said...

Good grief. Every time I read about your busy life, I end up feeling guilty for thinking mine is busy at all!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Doctors are so overworked these days, especially in ER, and it's expected of them! Too bad that peoples' lives may be in jeopardy, but that's bureaucrats for you. Anyway I hope Carol come's right. Rebecca too, she sounds as if she has been well and truly in the wars.

Thank you for your comments on Oscar's blog, Ann. It does feed his overstuffed ego though!! lol

Take care of yourself.