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Monday, October 01, 2007

It's Not Diabetes After All

They never actually said it was. I'd just never heard of any other reason for insulin.

It's a short term thing. They say after this extensive surgery, the insulin promotes healing and prevents infection. Okay, I can understand that.

I spent most of the day at the hospital learning a bunch of stuff. We finally got home at close to 3 in the afternoon and then it took at least another hour at the pharmacy and still could only fill the insulin and syringe prescriptions. First they didn't get the fax from the hospital (took 3 tries before it came through) and then their billing computer was down. When I told them the other medication could wait; the insulin couldn't, they managed to work around the computer. I'll go back tomorrow after the rest.

I don't do the shots; I just fill the syringe. He does everything else although I did learn in case I need it.

So now I just gave him some dinner and I'll try to hold out until his last test at 10:00. Then I'll try to convince him it's bedtime because it's certainly mine.

Rochelle and Rebecca called a few minutes ago and were surprised and happy he was home. Rebecca was sorting crayons by color into separate boxes (very Rebecca). I'm not sure what Rochelle was doing.

Anyhow, I'm exhausted but wanted to get this short note up to let you know that he's home and all is well so far.

Thanks to all for the comments and the blogiversary wishes. Still can't believe I almost forgot it.

Take care everyone.


FosterAbba said...

Glad to hear Ray is home and that he doesn't have diabetes. I am sure that takes quite a load off your mind.

mreddie said...

I know it is a load off of you to have Ray home - hope he is all better real soon. Not sure I could give a shot but it's different when you have to. ec

Diane J. said...

I've never heard of giving insulin after major heart surgery either. Hmph....learn something new every day, I guess.

Happy to hear that Ray is home and seems to be doing well. I know you were both glad to hear from the girls.

Hope you get some well deserved rest now that Ray's back in the nest where he belongs, Mama Hen. ;D

Love and hugs,


Merle said...

Dear Ann ~ So very glad that Ray is home and all going well. Glad he doesn't have diabetes (it spoils all the fun in life) and glad he can do his own shots. Good the girls rang.
I am not surprised you forgot your blogiversary with all that you are going through. Hopefully the worst is all over and things will improve for you both. Much love, Merle.

Angel said...

Welcome home Ray!!

((Ann)) SO glad it's not diabetes.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"They never actually said it was. I'd just never heard of any other reason for insulin.

It's a short term thing. They say after this extensive surgery, the insulin promotes healing and prevents infection. Okay, I can understand that."

I've never heard of Insulin being used that way, but then I'm not a Doctor either. I'm glad to hear Ray's home....and back on toolbox patrol!:)

Caitlin said...

I'm really glad the insulin is just a temporary thing and Ray doesn't have diabetes. I'm happy he's back home again and hope his recovery continues to be smooth.

They probably want to have Ray avoid hyperglycemia (insulin fixes it), since one of the symptoms is slow healing of wounds. You're at a higher risk for it when you have major surgery, since surgery can count as acute stress.

Anyway, glad you're both back home :). I hope the gorgeous fall weather we're having makes its way to your side of the country soon, so you can enjoy it too.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That certainly is good news!

Yondalla said...

Thanks for the update!

PEA said...

Glad to hear that Ray is now home and that it isn't diabetes he has after all! Hopefully you can get the rest of his meds with no other problems!! Know that I'm thinking of you and praying for Ray's full recovery!! xox

Gawdess said...

A good rest for you both is my wish for you.

Glad that is isn't diabetes.

Susie said...

Hi Ann,
I had never heard of insulin being used after major surgery either..
Glad to hear things are progressing well..

Anonymous said...

I guess that makes sense, although I've never heard of that. Learn something new every day! And hey, this is great news! No diabetes and Ray on the mend. Yay!

Glad to hear the girls are doing well, too.

Andrea said...

Either way I am so glad he is home close to you.

zzop357 said...

Hi Ann, I'm glad Ray is home and doing so much better. That means Ann will do better too. I think it may be a while before he tries to figure out where you put everything. LOL.
I know how hard it is to move. I bet I've moved 25 times in my life.. Thats too many. I would hate to move now, We've lived here since 93. Only about 10 more years of morgage and its all ours.
I hope you get plenty of rest, and watch that man, we don't always do what the Dr tells us too.
I'm glad you heard from the girls too. This can't be easy for either of you, But it will get better.
God bless you Ray and the girls.
Have a good week.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Well, Ann, after all that, I'm so happy for you that Ray doesn't have diabetes after all. Let's hope the insulin does what it's supposed to and promotes the healing so that he feels much better as soon as possible.

Glad you heard from the girls, it's nice they keep in touch with you.

Take care.

Autumn said...

I'm glad things are looking up for Ray..I hope life settles down now for both of you.

JunieRose2005 said...


Happy this is not as serious a situation with Ray as you first thought. Hope things go well with his recovery.

Happy too, that you heard from your girls... life goes on , whatever the changes we have to make!

Take care,


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh that's wonderful news, Ann, I am so pleased to know he doesn't need to deal with diabetes, on top of all the other troubles he's had to cope with. You must be exhaused, sweet lady, please try to remember to be gentle with yourself. It's frustrating you have needed to keep running to and fro for his medications, as if you haven't got enough on your plate! Rest well, I'm sure you must need it. x

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well that is fascinating about the insulin...I had not heard that before in regards to healing...! But that might explain the fasct that people with Diabetes do NOT heal very quickly...And so the need for insulin...!
Glad to read he is home and that other than the pharmacy snafu, everything went well...! Hope it all stays that way! Hope you got a GOOD rest, my dear.

PI said...

I'm glad you don't h;ave to do the injections and hope all continues well and you can get some rest. BTW I have managed a you tube. Thanks for your help:)

J at said...

Yay! Soooo glad he's home. :) Hope all is well with you, Ray, and the girls.

Scarlet Witch said...

Belated Happy Blogiversary! I had not heard of using insulin as a treatment, either. Interesting.