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Friday, November 20, 2009

What's Happening

Hi everybody. Yes, I'm still around but we seem to be keeping up with each other via FaceBook & Twitter.

Chilly here, I think fall has arrived in November and tomorrow will begin winter.

We're doing well for the most part. I'm trying to plan Thanksgiving dinner if I can decide when it will be. Jim is busy with the National Guard and Tim's work schedule is up in the air. Meantime, I have the ingredients ready to go but may have to move the date.

Other than that, not much news. The girls are doing well. Rochelle is living separately from her sisters and quite involved in cross-country running. Has won a medal. I don't hear quite as much from Rebecca (now 14) and Elcie (almost 17) but know they stay busy.

Not that I'm posting much over here but I've reluctantly enabled "verification" and am no longer allowing anonymous comments. I hated to do it but I've had a rash of spam, mostly unprintable and I'm getting tired of deleting. I stopped reading it a week ago so my apologies to any "anonymous" person who posted a legitimate comment.

Take care, Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA, and I'll try to keep up on FaceBook.