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Sunday, September 14, 2014

To Mohawk Valley Girl (and anyone else who is still around As of today. Jim and Melissa's two young boys are both in school.His grown kids are all here in Merced and seem to be doing fine. Tim and Juan were on top of Mt Palomar the last I heard but are probably back on ground level in Anaheim by now. Elcie and Rochelle are back with me. Rebecca is in Junior college. The older girls are working on decisions - in this economic climate, not simple. Ray (25 years married) has been in and out of hospital far too many times. Now he's in a medical rehab relearning walking and talking. He's lost over 20 pounds, his speech is almost clear (but he fades quickly) and he is back walking with his walker. The last time he was in hospital, he fell when we brought him home and the ambulance came and took him back and them in a few days to rehab which seems to be the answer. I'm hanging in. This morning Elcie and I went with the friend who drives us and his son to see Ray and then for our usual Barnes & Noble visit and a brief stop for milk, etc. at the store. Now they've watching Season 3 of Once Upon a Time" (again) and I'm keeping up with the Giants on the net. That's my exciting life so far. 100 degrees here in Merced. The rest of the blog is still intact and the history of my somewhat scattered life on the sidebar.