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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another update as much for myself as anyone else. Elcie, who will be 20 next month, is visiting this weekend. Right now, she's busying herself picking dog hair out of the carpet sweeper. Why a dog? He turned up (long story) and just wormed his way into our lives. He's a border collie mix (mostly Border) and a good little guy. We still have a couple of cats living in the yard but they're quite wild. Made one of her favorites for dinner - chicken and dumplings. She's been spending every other weekend here. A little crowded in this tiny house but we manage. Rochelle (now 18) will be here for Elcie's birthday next month -not sure about Rebecca yet. I don't see as much of her. Son Jim is still receiving medical treatment at Ft. Lewis. His wife and their two boys will be moving to the Seattle area next month. I'll miss them, darn it. When I moved here from San Francisco in 1993, I left everyone behind. They all followed, eventually. Now I'm the only one still here except for my oldest granddaughter (Samantha) and her mom (maybe one of her brothers too but I'm not sure). Other than that, things are about the same. Tim & Juan are in Southern California and seem to be doing great. Tim's in college once again. I don't know if I every said my daughter Carol's younger son turned up a couple of years ago. We never thought it would happen but he found us. Great happiness all around and he and his wife have provided me a great-grandson to go with the great-granddaughters. I'll try to update now and then - meantime, I'll see you on FB.