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Monday, May 11, 2009



Nice lady just emailed me asking how to "strikeout". I hadn't done it in so long I had to test to make sure.

Monday, May 04, 2009

He's Home!!

Jim, Zachary, Melissa

Back: Jim, Zachary, Me, Juan, Tim
Fron: Melissa Jonathan

Tim and Jonathan

These will be much more clear if you click on them.

Jim finally got home Friday night so on Sunday we all (except for Ray - I brought him home a plate) got together at a local family style restaurant for dinner.

The boys are adorable and they were so good. More of Zach's mac and cheese landed on the floor than in Zach but he's only 18 months old. Jonathan is almost 3 - doesn't seem possible.

Jim's doing okay - still doesn't have any idea how he injured his arm; just that the damage is inoperable, service incurred, and permanent. It won't necessarily keep him out of the Guard but he'll be limited as to lifting, etc.

It's so good to have him home. Hope he stays for a while.

Not much else to report - we stay the same, the weather is pleasant so far, our garden hasn't died. Tim is working part time in a vetinarary clinic (can't remember if I told you that before).

The opera was wonderful - I'm wearing my "Faust" t-shirt in the picture but not sure how well is shows up.

Hope all are well - I'm heading for a nap before cooking dinner.

Take care everyone.