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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rebecca and Rochelle have signed up at Merced College. How is it possible? Elcie is spending some time with me while she transitions to independent living. I know most of you are on FB now and we've caught back up with each other but the other day I was reminiscing back through the bloc roll and wondering about some of my old friends. I like FB but I miss the blog(s). Ray is doing okay - we putter along. Son Jim moved his family to the Seattle area (his adult kids are still here but he has the two little boys as well). The Army is still trying to figure out what can be done about his injuries. Meanwhile he waits. Tim and Juan are doing great in Anaheim. Today was a banner day for them. The state Supreme Court confirmed one more time that Prop 8 is history. They were married right before it went into effect but still it's reassuring that it no longer exists being unconstitutional and all that. Took Elcie to church on Sunday. It's harder now that I'm not driving and I miss my friends. We've become what is called a Reconciling Congregation (open to all) Eventually my United Methodists will join the other progressives on the one remaining issue (which is ignored by many of us). We have tomatoes again this year and we have the hottest summer I remember. It goes hand in hand with the worst baseball season I remember. How do we go from World Series champs to chumps in the short space of one year? Oh well. Hey, they just scored two runs in the 8th. Now it's only 6-4 and they have a guy on second with one out. I should start paying attention. Much love to any of you who happen to stumble across this.